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Available for private one-on-one tutoring or small groups. Subjects taught range from High School and College level Mathematics, Science, English & more…


San Diego, CA

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Looking for a cost-effective way to access high quality, top-caliber tutoring. Consider starting a small group by inviting others to your group.

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Fill out the Contact Form below to request a quote for a small group. Here’s what you need:

(1) Identify other students that need tutoring in the same subject.

(2) Propose a location. Either choose one of our office settings or a venue of your selection.

(3) Find a date and time that works for your group.

(4) Contact us to schedule a custom group tutoring class.

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What people say

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He is a unique talent who we were lucky to get.

L. Tyson

FIveStars Loyalty

“…intelligent, hard working, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with.”

A. Richo


“I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Troy Ramos, both as a colleague and a tremendously talented, warm, dynamic human being. He has vision, motivation, technical creativity, incomparable communication skills and accomplishes all that he sets out to do. He is simply a powerhouse with integrity to match.”

S. McNair

McNair Arts

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